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Support Our Lion Project

Support our lion Campaign

Click here to support our gofundme campaign Our lion Campaign has been formed to assist us in raising funds for our Non Profit Company, Glen Garriff Lions NPC. If you have any queries or simply want to get in contact with us, call our lion campaign dedicated tel: (+27) (0)828698169 and we will gladly assist you;

  1. Glen Garriff needs your help right now as the cost to sustain this project and our lions is immense and we are under constant financial pressure.
  1. We are passionate about safeguarding the lions of Africa and we can truly only do this with the awareness and donations of people all over the planet.
  1. Your donataions will be used for for example:
  • Fuel costs incurred by fetching donated animals for lion food.
  • The Glen Garriff lion team consisting of Pat, Thulani, Elias, Malefane and Tokozane who are responsible for the day to day care, love, feeding and upkeep of the lion facilities.
  • The maintenance and improvement of our facilities such as electric fences, motorised gates, water system and parasite control.
  • Expert vetenary practitioners performing the basic medical care and micro chipping.
  • In addition the possibility of sterilazation, vastectomies, DNA testing which we do not easily manage to afford.
  • Enrichment- to provide a mentally & physically enriching environment. There are several improvements we would like to add to enhance our lions day to day enrichment such as the following:
      • building additional structures for the lions to climb and play on.
      • purhasing suitable lion toys such as boomer balls.
      • creating hunting scenarios for the younger lions using suitable mobile devices.
      • building additional natutal shallow dams, rock pools etc.
      • buying & relocating large tree’s for the lions to climb on.